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Enhanced Data Extraction

AI powered complex text extraction from drawings, images, charts, tables, scanned documents and handwritten notes


Optimized Cost vs Benefit of Complex Unstructured Data Extraction

The Expede Data Transformation process deduplicates and then extracts file metadata and native content which is sufficient for the majority of data needs. During the transformation the Expede AI also identifies pages that contain complex non-native content such as charts, tables, images, drawings & handwriting which may benefit from OCR and enhanced data extraction.  To save cost Expede AI interface provides users a quick and efficient means to identify only the pages that require further processing.

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Efficient Review

Only review relevant pages

The Expede AI interface displays only the document pages that contain complex content so the user can quickly determine which content needs to be processed and extracted. Just individual pages or all complex pages within a document can be quickly selected.

pages from AI

Single Streamlined Interface

Zoom into the Detail

Without leaving the Expede AI interface, users can zoom into selected pages to review the content and determine if it requires further processing. Users can also click into the document itself to review in context and then easily return to the AI interface. This enables users to efficiently review large volumes of information and only select what is needed. 

user selection

Immediately Available

Realtime Processing

Once a review has been finished and saved, Expede undertakes real-time page processing which passes each selected page through a series of 7 data extraction and validation processes to ensure accurate data extraction. The extracted data is associated with the origin page and immediately added to the database for searching and data management. Typically, 50,000 pages can be processed per hour.

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